M ND THE GAP is a weekly(?) blog by Albert Dong. It’s a collection of thoughts around the human condition and our changing world. We’ll talk ideas at the intersection of tech x culture and, occasionally, the romances of the youth.

Posts on this blog are greetings — I'm here to give you something unfiltered. Something less unidirectional and more of a dialogue. My thoughts to you here will be raw and I hope you will reciprocate in kind. Let's have a conversation. 

If you’re in LA, say what up sometime — 609.613.2690

What’s the gap?

The gap lies between all things. It’s a whitespace between any two ideas that can potentially be placed upon the same axis. It’s the unexamined nuances, the second-order effects, and the fog between ideas divided by semantics. It’s what I hope to uncover through writing. The gap here is between the the creations of the technocrats (tech) and the outcomes they have on the human condition (culture).

Who are you?

I’m just a young creative who spends too much time in startups. Currently, I’m leading design for audio-first social network called TTYL. Before that, I was investing in student founders through First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund.